Proteomics Data

Proteomics Data Visulization

A lot of programs has been developed to analyzed the proteomics data, while few of them focus on proteomics data visualization. We developed an application to visulize the proteomics data like a genome browser with Java.

Proteomics Data Analysis

The variation of Proteomics data is usually very large. Technical replicate is used to reduce the variation. However, some technical replicates are extreme outliers, which reduce the accuracy of the measurement. We proposed a method based on empirical distribution of the technical replicates to remove the outliers.

Gang Peng
Associate Research Scientist in Biostatistics

My research interests include biostatistics, bioinformatics, and data mining.


Large-scale, quantitative proteomics data are being generated at ever increasing rates by high-throughput, mass spectrometry …

A data-independent acquisition (DIA)/parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) workflow was implemented to identify improved ovarian cancer …