Data-independent acquisition and parallel reaction monitoring mass spectrometry identification of serum biomarkers for ovarian cancer


A data-independent acquisition (DIA)/parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) workflow was implemented to identify improved ovarian cancer biomarkers. Data-independent acquisition on ovarian cancer versus control sera and literature searches identified 50 biomarkers and indicated that apolipoprotein A-IV (ApoA-IV) is the most significantly differentially regulated protein. Parallel reaction monitoring with Targeted Ovarian Cancer Proteome Assay validated differential ApoA-IV expression and quantified 9 other biomarkers. Random Forest (RF) analyses achieved 92.3% classification accuracy and confirmed ApoA-IV as the leading biomarker. Indeed, all samples were classified correctly with an [ApoA-IV] breakpoint. The next best biomarkers were C-reactive protein, transferrin, and transthyretin. The Targeted Ovarian Cancer Proteome Assay suggests that ApoA-IV is a more reliable biomarker than had been determined by immunological assays and it is a better biomarker than ApoA-I, which is in the OVA1 test for ovarian cancer. This research provides a PRM/RF approach together with 4 promising biomarkers to speed the development of a clinical assay for ovarian cancer.

Biomarker Insights, 12